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Shipping Restrictions

Shipments sent by express are subject to some restrictions on the weights and dimensions of the pieces.  This is due to a variety of factors like health and safety (because the pieces may be carried by hand), to the X-ray devices capacities, to the drivers delivery cars, etc.  Which lead each carrier to identify his maximum acceptance for the dimensions and weights per piece.

These restrictions do not apply on the shipment itself, but on the individual pieces included within the shipment.

In general, the maximum accepted weight per piece is 30 kg, yet this number varies between carriers, where some of them are considering 70 kg, but depending on the country of destination.

The maximum accepted dimensions are 120x70x70 cm, nevertheless this also differs between carriers, and depending on the destination.  Some are 100x60x70 cm and can go upto 240x120x150 cm.