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Volume Weight Calculation


The costing of the shipping is calculated based on both the gross weight and the volumetric weight. Whichever is higher is called chargeable weight:

  • The gross weight is the actual weight of the shipment when put on a scale.
  • The volumetric weight of a shipment reflects the density of a package. Lower density means that the package is occupying a high volume while the actual weight is low.  There are few ways to calculate the volumetric weight (in kg):
    • L(cm)xW(cm)xH(cm) / WF(weight factor)
      In most of the situations, Weight Factor is 6000 or 5000.
    • L(m)xW(m)xH(m) x CF (conversion factor)
      The Conversion Factor could be 200 kg/cbm or sometimes even 250 kg/cbm.

WF & CF are chosen by the carriers transporting the shipments.