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A BShipping & Delivery Services

For every type of shipping there is a solution.  If you need the fastest and most urgent service at any cost, or a normal Express delivery in France, Europe, or Worldwide. or if you wish to have the most economical service,  then we can find you a solution through one of our partners, in France, or in Europe.

We can move Small Parcels, Larger ones, Pallets, or Cargo.

We ship it from anywhere to any where.  



  • Express Services are dedicated to fast deliveries of small parcels, it could be domestic within the country, or international worldwide.
    It is usually a 24 Hour service for Domestic or European deliveries, and the transit varies for the rest of the world.

  • Economy Services are dedicated for e-commerce vendors, online merchants, and businesses with no urgent requirement.
    deliveries usually take 1 to 2 days longer than the Express Service in Europe, and 3-4 days longer worldwide.

  • Urgent Deliveries are designed around a dedicated car that can pickup a shipment and deliver it on emergency, without doing other stop on the way. within the country, or in Europe.
    to other countries we can still send worldwide by picking the shipment on emergency, and putting it on the first available flight to destination.   Where our partner at that destination will clear and deliver.
  • Pallet & Freight Shipping is possible for larger cargo, that needs to move domestically, in European, or Worldwide.  Depending on the costs, speed and the cargo content, (as well as the distance), this can be by Road, by Air, or by Sea







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