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Small Parcels Logistics
designed for your e-commerce needs 

StoreReceive & Store

Once we receive your products (directly from you or from your suppliers), we check & verify the quantities pre-alerted to us.

We will immediately report to you the list of received items, as well as any noticed non-conformity. All products are stored in a secured facility. And handled with care by quality people.


ShipFlexible Delivery

Based on your requirement for the delivery terms we will print the related label for the shipment, and attache the needed shipping documents, then send for delivery.
We will either chose the transport company that can fit your needs the most, or give you the options to chose any agent that we have a contract with, or even use your own account number for sending your shipments with your own supplier.

Emails & SMS are sent automatically to customers informing them of their shipments, and shipment number.

OrderManage Orders

Each time you have, one or many orders to prepare, then you can send us a list, we will agree together on the best way to transfer to us your requests, emails, excel files, electronic data transmissions, information pickup from your own system.

Orders will be immediately processed, and we will make sure that all data is well integrated, without data loss, and prepared for processing the order and delivering the shipment without challenges.


STrackmart Tracking

Customers are able to track their shipments on our website, request updates, or address changes.  and You can have full visibility on the shipments, events, and receive automatic status updates, or problem notifications.

Our system is fully integrated with all our transport partners.  and can consolidate all different tracks into a unified code list to simplify your life.

Pick & Pack

As each of your customers have made a different purchase, then we must be very careful in preparing each shipment. 
The processed orders will then be picked from the shelves, each one based on the customer order, then carefully put in the shipping envelope or box.  If packing is required then we will make sure it is done, in a package that fit your image.


CustomerCustomer Service.. with Care!

Every day we follow all the shipments that are in transit, and we make sure to contact the transport agents, to reschedule deliveries, correct addresses, inform customers of the status of their shipments, and communicate with you for additional instructions.

No need to bother anymore for finding the right contact, and following after your claims, we do it all for you.

InventoryStock Management

Once all shipments are sent out for delivery we will make sure to confirm that any product that was sent out will be removed from the stock.
Our team will make sure that the stock is updated on every event:  when the bulk is received from your suppliers, when the product is sent out for delivery, or when unsuccessful deliveries return back to our warehouse.

All events are automatically transmitted to you daily, weekly, or monthly, including all your stock status,  and the frequency is based on your requirement.


ReportIntelligent Reporting

The most important is that you are informed of all what relates to your shipments, and therefore we catered the essencial reports that can fit well for your needs.  Yet we are always flexible, and continuously developing reports that you need if not yet available.

Most of the reports are automated, but some are manually customized due to additional requirements. with one purpose,  to give you the visibility that you want, and from your own perspective.

Track Your Shipment