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Customs processes and procedures on an international level can be an extremely complex issue, and if not handled correctly can result in delays in service, over or under payment in customs levied fees, and potential penalties or fines for incorrect declarations.

INCO terms, customs tariff classification, mode of transport, and type and use of goods can all potentially have a direct impact on how customs authorities calculate the applied duty rates. Selling product internationally with all costs included in the sale price requires an in depth knowledge of how these customs levied charges are calculated.

When sending product in bulk overseas, storing the product in a customs bonded warehouse, and only paying the associated customs levied fees once a sales order is processed and dispatched from the bonded warehouse can provide a service advantage without a strain on cash flow.

Establishing a fiscal representation in an overseas territory to manage the customs payments and taxation reclaims could be either a nice to have, or a must have, depending on your level of international sales.

Based on having a complete understanding of your international trade activities (importation and exportation) we can provide detailed analysis and input on best practise and future strategy, ensuring that your organization is compliant to local regulations, and is achieving the best service and cost advantages.


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