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Cash On Delivery (COD)

is a service provided by Global Logistics Netework where e-merchants request their logistics provider to deliver their products to buyers and collect the payment from the customers on behalf of the sellers

CODYou will have the possibility to sell to customers without giving them credit or ask for prepayment. The COD Service is available for deliveries in the following countries: France, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Germany, United Arab Emirate, and Other Countries upon demand.

The maximum amount of COD Collection varies between countries and can range from 1000 EUR to 3000 EUR (or equivalent) per shipment.

The principle of the parcel against payment is that the carrier takes responsibility for collecting from the receiver of the shipment, at the time of delivery, the amount corresponding to the sale of the item shipped.

Through this service the Shipper can request the provider to collect the ‘Invoice Value of the Goods’ upon delivering the consignment to the Recipient. Shipment will only be delivered upon receipt of the payment from the Recipient, otherwise, it is returned to the sender.

Payment is usually made by Cash or by Cheque, and sometimes by Credit Card. The money collected is then returned to the Shipper within 10 working days.

The advantages of COD for online or mail order retailers are:

  • Customer does not need to own a credit card to purchase
  • Impulse purchases may increase as payment is not due at the time of ordering
  • The credibility of retailers may be increased because the consumer only has to pay when the item is delivered

We have acquired a large experience in managing these particular types of orders & their financial perspectives, supported by a state of the art software, and integrating with a specific banking platform to provide an efficient COD delivery solution.

If you are looking for a provider who is able to offer Cash on Delivery (COD) - called: "Contre Remboursement (CRBT)" in France, we are currently providing this service in the above mentioned countries.
Customers that wish to expand their businesses in Europe without the need to be present locally, the perfect combination is to add a COD solution on top of the fulfilment options that we provide:  Storage, Pick&Pack & Delivery.

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