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As a company with high ambitions, and large potentials for development and expansion, we welcome applications of new talents, smart ambitions, and creative ideas. We believe that our people are the Leaders of the company development.  Each individual has its own talents, and will contribute differently in the growth of the company, and therefore in his personal growth within the company.







Available Positions

Position: Customer Service


Only if you like Logistics... Customer & Suppliers!

The world of national & international express appears to be easy & straight forward... and for some: boring...

In reality, with every case comes a challenge... we deal with it silently to satisfy the customers, we suffer on their behalf!


We are looking for a colleague that is able to handle customers, communicate with them, listen to them, convince them, know how to get excused when it needs... find them a solution, then make them happy again!

...suppliers too (we push them hard when it needs!)

Most important is to perform with high level of quality & professionalism.


As we are in France, then French is Mandatory...not only... but must be perfect!

We also speak English, and deal a lot with Germany (mostly to support our remote operation there).

we do it all on computers, so if you are not that comfortable with technology, do not apply!

we cannot live without Internet, Outlook, Excel, Word, and our own in-house software.

without forgetting our objectives: to move shipments, stock, pack, data enter, follow up, etc.


Distance may stop you, as we are in Villepinte (Paris Nord 2), so calculate it well!


We are a small team, but with big ambitions.. started 2 years ago, with a new project every month, very promising development... a lot of shipments, and a handheld of customers that love us!





Location: France: Villepinte.